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Alternative Graphemes

Here are the videos for the alternative Graphemes that are taught within Phase 5:


ay, ou, ie, ea, oy, ir, ue, aw, wh, ph, ew, oe, au, ey, a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e


These alternative Graphemes are different ways of spelling or writing Phonemes (sounds) that have previously been taught during Phase 2 or 3. For example, we learn the 'ay' spelling of the /ai/ sound which was taught initially during Phase 3. 

Please encourage your child to watch and learn one new sound daily, this will give them enough time to absorb each new sound whilst practising the letter formation as well as their segmenting and blending skills. Please also encourage your child to think carefully about which Grapheme to choose when writing words down and help them to consider the different Graphemes they have learnt.

Hope you enjoy!
Miss Bayne :)

Phase 5 - Video 1 - AY

Phase 5 - Video 2 - OU

Phase 5 - Video 3 - IE

Phase 5 - Video 4 - EA

Phase 5 - Video 5 - OY

Phase 5 - Video 6 - IR

Phase 5 - Video 7 - UE - NEW VIDEO

Phase 5 - Video 8 - AW - NEW VIDEO

Phase 5 - Video 9 - WH - NEW VIDEO

More Phase 5 videos coming soon!