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Cultural - Anti-bullying Week 2019

 The theme for Anti-bullying week 2020 was " United Against Bullying." The children took part in workshops around this theme.

Anti-bullying Workshops 2020

This year the focus of Anti-bullying workshops was change starts with us. Children watched a theatre production that highlighted how we have a choice in how we behave towards others.


In addition the children had a workshop on how to develop their confidence, resilience and self belief.

Anti-bullying week confidence workshops

Anti- bullying week 2019 Change Starts with us

Anti-bullying Week 2018: Respect

This year Anti-bullying week focused on 'Respect'. Children in Key Stage 1 read the book 'The Kindness Elves' and discussed ways in which they could show kindness throughout their school day. Children in Key Stage 2 took part in workshops that demonstrated the behaviour of respect.