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Home Learning activities by a Key Stage 2 pupil

Mrs K's class have been busy exploring arrays in maths.

Deaf Carol Service at Christchurch, Bexleyheath

Performing with a combined choir from Pelham
Signing our choir songs
What Christmas means to me ...
What Christmas means to me ...
Signing with the Deaf Choir
A Christmas dance
A Christmas dance
The Finale

We will be taking part at....

December Coffee Morning

HIP children and parents create Christmas decorations together.

Year 1,2 and 3 Rumble in the Jungle! October 2019

Coffee Afternoon in October

Our parents enjoyed having a chat over coffee.
We had a guest speaker Amanda Challoner (Inspire)
KS1 shared their amazing robot.
Some KS1 pupils shared an action song.
Some KS1 pupils shared their animal riddles.

Year 2 and 3 maths: September 2019

Almost bingo
Tens and ones bingo!

September 2019: We looked at Instruments from around the world

We listened to how it sounds!
Some of us made a model of one
We looked at a sitar from India

Year 2 and 3 September 2019

We listened to the story of The Rainbow Fish
We made an edible beach using yogurt
We added granola for the sand
We made oven chips

We achieved the Gold Award in June and became VIPs for a day.

Year 4 HIP School Journey to Marchants Hill

Ready to start (in the rain)?
Archery instructions
Building a shelter - that works!
Whittling wood
I did a good job
It rained, and it rained.
As a team, building the longest line

Year 1 followed instructions to create a pizza

KS2 HIP Making Gingerbread People

Weighing the ingredients.
Taking turns mixing the dough
Taking turns mixing the dough

Year 2 ASPIRATIONS WEEK 17th-21st June 2019

My final t-shirt design
Planning my t-shirt design
Planning my t-shirt design
Planning my t-shirt design
Final t- shirts in year 2
Walking along the catwalk!

Year 2: Proud of our work on display!

Year 1 making marble runs during STEM week.

June 2019 :Year 2: We made character puppets to tell a story.

June 2019: Learning about time-year 2

Cross curricular work-Reading books about time:Year 2


Year 2: April 2019 -Visit from The Dinosaur Man

STEM Day activities by Year 4 and 5 pupils

Planning my build
Working together
Making an electric circuit
Completing the electric circuit
Team work
It's finished
A CAMS toy

Deaf Carol Service, 6th December 2018

It's filling up!
All lined up and ready to go
Waiting with anticipation
Waiting with anticipation
All dressed up and ready for the show!
The Dignitaries
Ready to start
The choir and HIP children with Dignitaries

Mexican Fiesta - Cultural Week November 2018

Super Scientists in the HIP - September 2018

May 2018 - A Deaf Perspective on Pelham's Core Values

The children in the HIP worked together to learn about what the core values mean to them.

Playmakers experience

The Mousetrap Project was set up to work with deaf and hearing children, producing a play that was put on by professionals at a London theatre.

We were thrilled that the HIP children from Years 3-6 were able to work with some mainstream children and get involved in this experience.

The children worked with a couple of professional actors, scriptwriters and translators and over a period of a few weeks, they wrote a play that was performed at The Churchill Theatre in Bromley. 

As part of the experience we went to see 'Adventures in Wonderland' at The Vaults, Waterloo as well as seeing our own play performed in public by professionals. 

May 2017 - The NDCS bus came to town!

The NDCS bus came to visit us! It was a fantastic day and the children learnt so much from Jamie and Mark.  They found out about equipment for Deaf people, Developing Deaf Identity and Dealing with Emotions.



March 2017 - Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

The SMSC team and School Council arranged for the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to visit us.  We enjoyed learning about how dogs can help Deaf people become more independent.  The School Council held a cake sale to raise money for this important charity.