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Maths Apps to Promote Maths Learning

Search your APP store to find these Maths APPS to play at
home. Please note - some require subscription.


Math Tales - The Jungle

Great for: EYFS/KS1

Math and logic games for pre-schoolers and EYFS


Wee Kids Maths

Great for: EYFS/KS1

Learning shapes and numbers to 20


Medieval Maths

Great for: KS1/KS2

Brushing up on Maths skills whilst avoiding the dangerous dragons!


Maths Bingo

Great for: KS1/KS2

Practise all calculations in this fun and fast game


EduGuru Maths

Great for: EYFS/KS1

Practise early mathematical concepts and skills such as counting, number recognition and ordering


Squeebles Times Tables 2

Great for: KS1/KS2

Master the times tables with the help of Whizz and defeat the nasty Maths Monster!


Let's Do Mental Maths

Great for: KS1/KS2

Let’s Do Mental Maths uses an engaging quiz format with a cartoon Digit the Dog, who can offer advice when the player gets stuck


Mathletics Student

Great for: KS1/KS2

Mathletics is fun and features a great rewards system for children


Blackboard Madness: Maths

Great for: KS2

Fast-paced, quick-fire maths challenges, taking in addition, subtraction, division, multiplications, algebra, and > (more than) and < (less than) questions.