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Maths Fair

In celebration of all the wonderful entries to the Maths Competitions a Maths Celebration fair was held. Parents were invited in to visit the gallery of entries from EYFS and Year 1 which focused on numbers in the local environment and the entries from the Year 2 and 3 competition which focused on tessellation in the world around us. Parents and carers enjoyed looking at the fabulous showcase of work and whilst they were visiting they were able to purchase cakes which had been baked and decorated as part of the entries to the Year 4, 5 and 6 competition. The atmosphere was electric and it was wonderful to see the children proudly present their work. The Maths Ambassadors did an amazing job at selling the cakes which raised a staggering £125. This money is going to be used to fund a Maths Club organised and ran by the Maths Ambassadors.