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Mathematics at Pelham Primary School


At Pelham School our aim is to help children understand the importance of mathematics in everyday life by promoting the enjoyment of learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion.  We provide opportunities for the children to develop confidence and competence with number as well as encouraging them to solve problems through decision-making and reasoning.

As we develop the new curriculum at Pelham, we are continually developing the cross-curricular use of mathematics in other subjects so that learning opportunities have context and remain motivating and meaningful for all children.


Teachers at Pelham have been working together to develop an exciting and engaging Maths curriculum in line with the publication of The 2014 New National Curriculum - Mathematics Programme of Study.

KS2 Maths Ambassadors

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KS2 Maths Ambassadors were introduced in Spring 2019. These children will be at the forefront of promoting Maths throughout the school.

This team of children will work alongside Miss Nelson to undertake some of the following responsibilities; 


-Run and manage whole school maths competitions.

-Support children within KS1 with basic mathematical recall facts (number bonds etc.).

-Run a drop in session for children in KS2 who need further support with their homework.

-Facilitate a lunch time club which will focus on a variety of different skills, including problem solving.

-Help to upkeep the new Maths display and create and change the 'Problem of the Fortnight'.

-Write news snippets which can be added to the parents newsletter.

-Take visitors and school Governors on Maths themed Learning Walks. 

The Maths Ambassador Team meet regularly to discuss various items. An agenda is sent out to the children prior to the meeting and then minutes are taken. These minutes are then shared with the team and a new agenda set. 

Maths Blog


Each week the Maths Ambassadors work together in pairs to create content for the Maths Blog. The children decide what they would like to showcase and publish; they interview, take photos and celebrate successes that happen throughout the school.