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News Shopper Article 2019

News Shopper Article - February 2019

The Children of Pelham Primary School Get Ready to Transform Themselves into ‘Mini-Rockers’


The enthusiasm and excitement of Maths is set to erupt in the coming weeks at Pelham Primary School, as the children and staff prepare themselves to celebrate all things maths.


Visitors have been booked to come in and delivery workshops to all classes which will focus on promoting the skills needed to successfully problem solve. The workshops will allow the children to use large manipulatives and will involve careful thinking and team work. Children are encouraged to make mistakes and these mistakes are celebrated and recognised as an important step in becoming confident mathematicians.


At Pelham, we feel it is very important to ensure that the school establish a good relationship with parents, and we acknowledge the powerful impact this positive relationship can have on our children. Parents and careers have been invited in to experience some of the fantastic maths that happens every day throughout the school in a Problem Solving parent and child workshop. These sessions will allow children to share their learning with their adult while being immersed in engaging problems, which promote the use of mathematical language and resilience.


The children already compete weekly in times tables battles however a house competition will see the children working across year groups to compete in becoming the ultimate winners. This shall continue to promote team work and collaboration across the different year groups. Currently, we have 8 children who are able to answer any question in under a second, and many more children are set to hit this target very soon.


Game 24 club has launched in Year 5 which sees children volunteer their time one lunch time to continue to develop their rapid recall of calculations. Year 6 children have offered to coach the Year 5 children and it is a pleasure to witness the empathy and leadership skills some of our Year 6 have shown. Together we shall take part in a cross borough competition where we will show determination and matter the result.


This celebration of maths will then peak with a whole school themed ‘Rock Day’ where children and staff will come to school dressed as a ‘mini-rocker’. The day is set to celebrate the winners of the House competition and individual successes across a variety of areas of the Maths curriculum. Children have been learning maths themed nursery rhymes and songs which classes will perform in a celebration assembly.


As a school we recognise the importance of maths but most importantly we strive to ensure children enjoy the learning that takes place and all children are encouraged to strive to achieve more. We work hard to engage all children and offer a variety of experiences and as a whole school we enjoy celebrating every little success. If you would like to see some more information and photos about these events, then please have a look at our school website where we shall be updating it with photos and results very soon.