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We are the Pelham Junior Road Safety Officers. Our job is to monitor road safety near our school. We help Pelham students to understand the roads and help them be safe.

Christmas Tree Project Competition Assembly

Christmas Tree Project Competition Assembly 1

Our first school assembly! 


We introduced a competition that is run by the Metropolitan Police. We asked the children at our school to design a poster to advertise the Christmas Tree Project.


The Christmas Tree Project is where members of the public can buy a Christmas gift for a child who lives in care. Outside London police stations there will be christmas trees with tags on. These tags have the names and ages of children in care who do not receive christmas presents. People can choose a tag, buy a gift for that child and give it in at the police station where the officers will then deliver the gifts to the children in time for christmas.

Year 2 Scooter School June 2019

JRSO Road Safety Workshop with Year 5 and Year 6 - Showing the distance it takes a car to stop at different speeds. 2018

Be Bright Be Seen Day 2018

Picture 1
Picture 1