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We are the Pelham Junior Road Safety Officers. Our job is to monitor road safety near our school. We help Pelham students to understand the roads and help them be safe.

We are the new JRSOs for 2020-21!

The new JRSOs have been very busy working on their first project: the organisation of the Be Bright Be Seen day. Firstly, they put together a PowerPoint for their first Assembly in which they explained the rationale behind the Be Bright Be Seen day as well as giving information about the Funky and Fun High Viz Jacket Competition. Because of Covid, they couldn't deliver the assembly in person and asked one of their friends to come along to help them record their delivery of the assembly, which all KS1 and KS2 children in the school watched in their classrooms. The JRSO's next task was to make posters to advertise the Be Bright Be Seen day and to write a letter to parents, which went into the school's weekly Newsletter.  Their final tasks were to choose the winners  and runners up of the Funky and Fun High Viz Jacket competition and to write their certificates. 

JRSO Assembly 1_Part 2_23.11.20.MOV

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Here is the second part of the JRSOs' Be Bright Be Seen Assembly.
Be Bright Be Seen Day at Pelham
The winners of the Funky and Fun High Viz Jacket Competition

Our investigation into pollution

We have been examining the trees around our school grounds looking for things called Lichens. Lichens grown on trees and they give us lots of information. Some lichens love pollution and others hate it. Looking at the lichens on our trees we found that we have a huge amount of pollution loving lichens on the trees surrounding our school. We understand that this is because we are on top of busy roads. However, we feel that the community of Pelham Primary School can work together to reduce the amount of pollution surrounding our school. We can achieve this by more people using greener method of travelling to and from school every day. We would also like to see less people leaving their vehicle engines on when waiting for us at pick-up time. Let's all work together to achieve cleaner, fresher air for our trees and ourselves.

Thank you,

Junior Road Safety Officers

Christmas Tree Project Competition Assembly

Our first school assembly! 


We introduced a competition that is run by the Metropolitan Police. We asked the children at our school to design a poster to advertise the Christmas Tree Project.


The Christmas Tree Project is where members of the public can buy a Christmas gift for a child who lives in care. Outside London police stations there will be christmas trees with tags on. These tags have the names and ages of children in care who do not receive christmas presents. People can choose a tag, buy a gift for that child and give it in at the police station where the officers will then deliver the gifts to the children in time for christmas.

Year 2 Scooter School June 2019

JRSO Road Safety Workshop with Year 5 and Year 6 - Showing the distance it takes a car to stop at different speeds. 2018