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Reading at Pelham Primary School

Reading at Pelham Primary School 1 Awarded for continued dedication to reading.

Reading Progression


Jolly phonics and Floppy’s Phonics are used in EYFS. In KS1 children will be moved onto the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and Dandelion phonetical books - where appropriate and progress to short chapter books when their confidence and fluency has developed enough. In KS2 if needed the Oxford Reading Tree will continue to be used for some children. For most children, they will read age related chapter book (increasing in challenge as they get older). The children will be able to choose their own books from the class or school library. The choice of book will be monitored by the class teacher. There will be a formal guided group reading session along with individual reading in class.


The books in the school are organised into levels of difficulty shown by colour bands. Pupils have access to a range of books within their own book corners and also an extensive library. Classes have access to the local library and the school is visited by the library to promote reading during the Summer Term.


Buddy Reading

To celebrate reading at Pelham, once a week all classes take part in buddy reading, this is an opporuntity for the older pupils to hear younger students read and help to improve thier confidence and fluency.