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Rock Day 2019

Friday the 15th of February, 9am and the bell rang like any normal day, however nothing resembled a normal Friday at Pelham Primary when in walked over 400 mini-rockers who were then met with their very own ‘Rock Hero’ teachers (photo below). Children came to school dressed as Rock Heroes in celebration of all the wonderful maths achievements, in particular the progress made within times tables.


Since September the children in KS2 have been using the maths programme TT Rock Stars to help improve their rapid recall of times table facts. Children have been competing weekly in battles against their peers with the biggest battle between houses taking place from the 4th to the 14th of February. In the short time the children have been using the programme we now have 14 children who are able to answer any times table fact up to their 12’s in under a second which is a massive achievement. These children were treated as VIP guests for the day and were able to skip the lunch queue and dine at a special VIP table (photos below) whilst rock music was being played.


The children took part in maths activities throughout the day and celebrated all things maths. The normal Gold Book assembly was overtaking and turned into a Rock Assembly were children were presented with a variety of maths themed certificates and individual successes were celebrated. Each year group had prepared a song which focussed on counting, number or a times table which were performed with enthusiasm and confidence. The results of the house competition were announced with Sapphires coming out on top and a unique, one of a kind, trophy was awarded to the house captains.


Overall the day was a huge success with children speaking positively about maths. Staff and children enjoyed the day and it was wonderful to see the school being over taken by Rock Heroes for one day only!