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Year 4 STEM Activity

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Science at Pelham Primary School


At Pelham School we recognise that working scientifically, asking questions and listing ideas against evidence, is the most effective way for children to learn about science.

We support our children to learn their best through observing, questioning and exploring the world around them. Our learning intentions are designed so that children gain a powerful and progressive understanding of science skills that spark curiosity and support them to understand better the world in which they live.

We encourage children to become independent, creative and collaborative learners by giving them the opportunity to explore, investigate and enhance their science learning through STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths] focused learning projects.

The simple vision for this approach is for the children to see themselves as scientists learning effective scientific methodology but using hands on practical experiences. STEM learning inspires our children to learn their topics in a fun and engaging way, whilst developing the necessary investigative skills and attributes.