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Applying for Secondary School Places


All information for parents of children in Year 6 can be found on the Bexley Schools Admission website or in the brochure attached below. 



The deadline for applications to Secondary schools in 2021, is 31st October 2020. For parents of year 6 children that will sit the Bexley selective schools test (11+), you must still complete the application for all schools before the deadline. The 11+ test has been delayed until the week beginning 2nd November 2020 and therefore it is important that parents submit an on time application to their home local authority by the national deadline on 31st October. Parents should not wait for selection test results before submitting their preferences, as this will render the application late. If a child's 11+ test result affects the outcome of the application, then parents will have a short period in which to contact Bexley Admissions, (or their Home LA if they do not reside in Bexley), by email, requesting a change of preference or preference order.

Admission to Secondary Schools in Bexley 2021