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The Problem Solving Company 2019

The Problem Solving Company


Children from Reception to Year 6 have been treated to a visit from The Problem Solving Company. Each class was given the opportunity to solve a variety of hands on problems which promoted the importance of trial and error and perseverance.


At Pelham we strive to build resilience within every child so that they can enter the wider world with the skills to succeed. We encourage and celebrate mistakes as an important step to success whilst building and strengthening perseverance. The problems allowed the children to practice these skills and it was a pleasure to watch them turn-take, share opinions and work together.


The children were enthusiastic, engaged and rose to the challenges and as you can see from the photos, many of the children were successful.


Feedback from the children;


‘Today was very enjoyable and I learnt that you need to use different strategies’ – Tilly

‘My favourite activity was probably the tower because it required team work, knowledge and physical thinking’ -Leja

‘I learnt that you should never give up’ –Imogen

‘I learnt that if you can’t do the thing…you don’t give up, keep on trying. This is called resilience’ – Ishaan

‘I really enjoyed the workshops because it made me think a lot and all the skills I’ve learnt came together’ -Lily