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What People Say About Us....

Here are some of the positive comments parents and carers wrote on parent and carer questionnaires:


“Both my children love coming to school and are doing very well.”


“We’re very pleased with our son’s progress at Pelham School. Thank You!”


“Very happy with Pelham. My son loves school!”


“Thank you very much for the hard work you put into these children.”


“Very happy with all the help my daughter has been getting and the progress she has made!”

“My son’s progress is outstanding!”


“As a family we are very impressed with the school and the teachers!”


“Always excellent communication from the school to parents. The office staff are always helpful and ready to address any issues that are raised. “


“The school has excellent ethos and I have recommended it to loads of parents.”


“My son’s progress this year is amazing. I really appreciate the teacher’s efforts to encourage him.”


“Very happy with my child’s progress. My child loves coming to school.”


“I am very happy with my child’s progress and the help she gets from all her teachers. Thanks!”

Here are some of the positive comments parents and carers from our Open Days:


"Amazing tour!  I enjoyed every step of it.  Very friendly environment.  Looking forward to another one.  Very friendly and helpful guides.  Thank you"


"I found the tour very interesting.  It was good to see the display of what the children have been learning.  Our tour guide was very good and gave us lots of information."


"Really enjoyed the tour and seeing the variety and quality of the coursework.  A very friendly and welcoming environment with clearly lots going on!  Amazed at the quality of some of the written work, clearly the children are give the opportunity to explore their imaginations freely.  Many thanks for the opportunity to come in and see the school in a 'live' situation."


"The tour was excellent, especially the guide! The classrooms seem well equipped but most of all the children all seem to be happy and enjoying learning.  The teachers are all very good and promote a happy and educational atmosphere."


"Pelham School is a very happy and friendly school.  This enables kids to progress and learn, to achieve the skills they need.  The school has good facilities and is always seeking to improve.  The teachers are committed to teaching and want their children to achieve their potential."


"It was good to share with my child and be an encouragement to him.  I enjoyed listening to my child show me around and explain all that he does on a school day."

University of Greenwich Lecturer


"I have just spoken to some of last Fridays group who described what you did as outstanding, they really enjoyed the visit and said they were made to feel very welcome."

School Governor


"I very much enjoyed visiting Pelham Primary School yesterday afternoon.  The school has a really nice atmosphere, and the staff were all very friendly."  

University of Greenwich Student Teacher


"You may have already heard from others, but today I went to Pelham Primary School, and had to email you to let you know how great it was! It is a lovely school, with inclusion at the heart of everyone - we were really impressed with the sign language amongst all children, especially in assembly when they sang a song and all children and all staff signed as well as sung.

It was a lovely day, and we were very impressed with the school!"